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Freehold Purchase Guide

Initial Steps and Our Investigations

  • Receive a draft Contract and supporting documentation from the Seller’s Lawyer and send you a preliminary report
  • Raise additional enquiries with the Seller’s Lawyer
  • Carry out all necessary searches
  • Received a copy of your survey report and let you have our comments
  • Receive a copy of your mortgage offer from your Lender and advise you

Signing the Contract

  • Send you a full report with the Contract for signing when all of the above matters have been dealt with to our and your satisfaction

Exchange of Contracts

  • Proceed to exchange of Contracts and agree a completion date
  • Exchange of Contracts will commit the parties (make the transaction legally binding) to the Contract to complete the transaction on the completion date

 Preparing for Completion

  • Prepare the Transfer Deed and forward it to the Seller’s Lawyer
  • Carry out final searches
  • Request the mortgage funds from your Lender
  • Prepare our financial statement and request funds for completion


  • An estimate time frame for a freehold purchase is 2-3 months from your initial instructions to completion. 
  • The completion date is the date that you will be able to move into the property. 

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